Going through my old diaries and taking photos of each page and uploading privately on Flickr. I can’t carry around a box of diaries my whole life, right? Anyway these are some excerpts from my first ever diary, 1999-2001. So uh, ages 8-10. Enjoy?





i never knew friendzoning boys was as easy as saying thanks im gonna use my manners more

further evidence that straight boys think compliments are magic words that are supposed to make women immediately strip naked 

What’s the appropriate, non-friendzoning response?

"You look pretty today."

"Okay, fine, I’ll suck your dick."

when will  straight boys stop

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Every dudebro who says these women shouldn’t have taken private nude photos on themselves and then put them on a secure, private server if they didn’t want everyone in the world to see them should have to have every message they have ever sent on OKC dramatically read to their boss, mom, and granny

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I don’t like short dresses. I can’t seem to control my expression and legs at the same time, the photos always turn out a mess :( 

Anyway! Flower dress and headpiece are all finished, step by step instructions for this dress can be found on my blog, and a video tutorial for the headpiece is here

The whole thing is sheer, but you can’t really tell because the petticoat is white and i’m very pale ;;

It was designed, drafted, made, and worn by me! Took 16-ish hours to make, spread over a seven day period. Has about sixty dollars worth of fake flowers in it and several yards of silk organza, poly chiffon, and tulle.

I was a fun and easy little project. I enjoyed it.

I remember seeing a photo of this dress in the process a whole ago. Love the finished product!

Many women, I think, resist feminism because it is an agony to be fully conscious of the brutal misogyny which permeates culture, society, and all personal relationships. It is as if our oppression were cast in lava eons ago and now it is granite, and each individual woman is buried inside the stone. Women try to survive inside the stone, buried in it. Women say, I like this stone, its weight is not too heavy for me. Women defend the stone by saying that it protects them from rain and wind and fire. Women say, all I have ever known is this stone, what is there without it?

  • Parent: what does a cow say?
  • Baby: "moo!"
  • Parent: yes! And what does a sheep say?
  • Baby: "baah!"
  • Parent: yay! And what does a pig say?
  • Baby: *whistles* "damn babygirl u a fine piece'a ass wanna hop n my car n ill drive ya to pound town!!"

After next week I have an entire week off.

After next week I have an entire week off.

After next week I have an entire week off.

After next week I have an entire week off.

After next week I have an entire week off.

So done with being here. But if I survive this week and next week I will have a whole NINE DAYS to not be here 😍